A lot of people think of Elisa only as a telecommunications company. In reality, it’s a lot more than that. For example, we develop services for digital healthcare, such as remote health monitoring. We also develop new IoT-related services, which is an ever-growing field of business.

I was very much into electronics as a kid.  Maybe even a little too much – I’m quite sure my enthusiasm to disassemble devices at home got on my parents’ nerves at some point. I went on studying tech and got my Bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications. After graduation I worked briefly for a mobile manufacturer in India. Then I came to Tampere to study and increase my skills in wireless communications.  

While writing my thesis, I found the Elisa Talent Program. I felt it was in line with my skills and applied for it. The interview went well and I got the job. I worked as a research analyst trainee for six months. During this period my job was to find and study new technologies. My leadership- and interpersonal skills were strengthened immensely.

Elisa is a warm, friendly place to work in. I befriended my co-workers and other trainees instantaneously. Most of them still work here, as around 90 % of the people who join the Elisa Talent Program stay here. So did I. When my time as a trainee was over, I found a new position in the Elisa production unit. I absolutely love my job here. It consists of experimenting with external vendors and startups and enhancing their services to use machine learning.

Learning is at the heart of Elisa Trainee Program, no matter what your field of work is. As an elisian, you grow and develop yourself all the time.  You have freedom to try new things and be creative. You are also given responsibility. Even though Elisa is a Finnish company, it operates globally. While working here it is possible to create a worldwide network of useful connections.

My dream is to make digital education accessible to everyone in developing countries. I believe my current work in Elisa, developing artificial intelligence and machine learning, will some day help me to make this dream come true.

Kartik Sharma,

Project Manager


Elisa Talent Program will kick off in October 2018! Read more and apply!